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Semi-automatic Granules Filling machine with cup Filler


  • Capable of filling multiple pack sizes & large product range with no change of parts.
  • Accurate & friction less telescopic adjustment of cup to adjust fill volume of the cup.
  • “Unipressure” product collector & product specific scrappers to achieve High accuracy.
  • Cup drop counter with auto/manual dual setting to achieve predetermined number of cups dropping product into single pack.
  • All contact parts made of SS304/316 with six/three telescopic cups.
  • Model CF-500 is fined with both clutch / brake arrangement and variable speed drive to optimise filling speed. Automatic bottle / tin / container filling line with unscramble / turn table to feed containers automatically to auto conveyor with auto stopping & “Intelligent Filling” which activate filler only when container is present and only per container.


Free-flow products of consistent density such as popcorn, granulated sugar, beans, nuts, seeds, coffee, rice, pulses & whole spices etc.

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